These 10 ice cube beauty hacks will surprise you


Recalling the word ice, it makes a cool feeling inside us.

And what can you say about ice-cubes?

Did you use it only for chilling your drinks?

If you are doing so, you know only its limited advantages. Ice cube helps us in many affairs. Especially you need to know about ice cube beauty hacks.

And today I will share with you –how ice cube helps to improve our beauty.

Try these amazing 10 ice cube beauty hacks

Girls who are conscious of their beauty care, they can use ice-cubes on a daily basis. Today’s busy world people got less time for taking care of themselves. And here ice-cubes can play an important role. Apply these ice cube beauty hacks and definitely, you will realize its beauty benefits instantly. It is needless to say, these hacks will be amazed you.

10 Ice cube beauty hacks

1. Improve blood circulation

After wake up in the morning, you can do ice facial. It will tighten your skin, boost your blood circulation and cut your laziness. You will get a fresh, younger and glowing look indeed. Just drunk your face in ice water for a few minutes.

2. Painless tweezing

Tweezing is quite painful. But you can reduce the pain by simple an ice cube beauty hack. Before you pluck eyebrows rub some ice cubes on that area.

3. Dry nail polish quickly

If you are in hurry for going to the party and your painted nail polish is not dry yet, there is a smart solution for it. Put some ice cube in a bowl and dip your painted nail on that bowl. And your nail polish will dry quickly.

4. Shrink a pimple

Warp the rub ice cubes in a ziplock bag or cotton cloth. Gently rub the ice cubes on pimple or acne for few minutes. It will shrink a pimple and reduce the pain and redness.

5. Remove puffiness

Smoothly rub the ice cubes over and around your eyes for few minutes. It will reduce your puffiness instantly and helps your eyes to relax. And if you do the process regularly remove your under eye dark circles too. For better result, you can use green tea ice cubes.

6. Makeup setter & savior

Rub some ice cubes on your face and then you can go for your makeup. It will tighten your pores and cool your skin for well-set makeup and it will last longer too.

7. Reduce redness and inflammation

Some people have allergic problems. Maybe it’s from makeup products or particular things. If your skin gets red for allergic reaction rub some ice cubes on that area. It will soothe your skin and reduce the redness and inflammation.

8. Soothe sunburn

In the summer the weather is hotter than another season. If you can’t avoid for getting outside during daytime in summer, then your skin must be tanned. In that case, you can use ice cubes on your face to soothe sunburn. You can apply Aloe Vera ice cubes for a better result.

9. Instant Glow

When you don’t have much time to put your make up but need a glowing skin, then ice cubes are there for you. Take a flannel cloth and put some ice cubes on it and rub them smoothly on your face. It will remove the dirt from your skin and give you an instant glow.

10. Relaxation

After a long day works your body must be tired and need some rest. According to spine health, if you rub ice cubes over your back in circular motion, it will help you to soothe your strained muscles and you will relax before going to bed.


These are natural beauty hacks, which lift up your beauty instantly and have no side effects at all. Hope you will enjoy ice cube beauty hacks by applying them. If you are interested to know more about other hacks you can visit my other posts in this section.











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