10 Natural ways to kill roaches in home


Irritated by roaches?

Often roaches are roaming here and there in your house?

Looking for some effective ways to kill them and still worried about your kids & pets? Well, if you have pets or kids in your house, then you have to take a bit different effort to kill insects of your house. Insect killers are harmful, especially the chemical one. Moreover, natural insect killer is suitable for every aspect. And in this post, I will focus on some natural ways to kill roaches in the home.  Hence if you adopt some good habits with it, any insects will keep away from your house.

Natural ways to kill roaches in home

Killing roaches naturally is a slow process but it is harmless for your family members and pet. So if you want some healthy techniques, then these natural ways to kill roaches are for you.

1. Baking soda and sugar mixture

Natural ways to kill roaches

You can mix the equal portion of baking soda with sugar in a bowl. Just sprinkle the mixture where you see the roaches often. Do this process after 3/4 days to get an effective result. Actually, sugar isn’t deadly parts of the mixture. It will attract the roaches to eat the mixture. And they will eat it. After that when the roach drinks water, baking soda create gas on their stomach. Soon their stomach burst and they die. Later other roaches feed the dead roaches and they collect the harmful substance in their stomach and eventually die.

2. Soap and water spray

Natural ways to kill roaches

If you have liquid soap in your house, you can use it for killing roaches. Just add 1:2 ratio liquid soap and warm water on a spray bottle. Spray the solution inside the kitchen cabinet and other areas of your house where you have seen the roaches most. Like roaches, most of the insects breathe through their skin. And this soap spray suffocates them. Eventually, they will die.

3. Boric acid

Natural ways to kill roaches

Boric acid one of the most widely used ingredients to kill a variety of pests and even roaches are not out of it. Sprinkle the boric acid powder, where most often roaches arrived. Once their antennae, body, and legs touch the powder, it will be ingested. And it will kill them. But remember wet boric acid will not effective and it is poisonous for your kids and pets too.

4. Bay leaves

Natural ways to kill roaches

Roaches simply hate the smell of bay leaves. It is not so deadly ingredients for them. Crush well the dry bay leaves with mortar or pestle. Sprinkle over the places, where roaches are possibly nesting or present. Maybe it will not kill them, but they will stay away from bay leaves. Moreover, it is not harmful to other members of your family.

5. Lemon peels and lemon juice

Natural ways to kill roaches

The anti-pathogenic property of citrus food like lemon keeps roaches away from it. To keep these pests away you can apply lemon in three different ways.

  • Grind lemon peels and place them where you know roaches reside.
  • Spray lemon juice around the area roaches present.
  • Mix lemon juice and water in a bucket. Then clean everything from your countertops to floors with the mixture. Your home will be clean with lemon-fresh smell and roaches will also stay away from it.

6. Silica Gels

Natural ways to kill roaches

Usually, we see silica gel in a small paper packet for controlling the humidity of our goods. Anything that comes in direct contact of it, they absorb moisture from it to keep it dry. Even when roaches come in contact with it, this substance dries their body and finally kill them. You can mix the silica gel with sugar and sprinkle them in the roaches effected area. But be careful about your kids and pets.

7. Chrysanthemum flowers

Natural ways to kill roaches

Chrysanthemum flowers contain Pyrethrins, which attacks the nervous system of insects. Crush the heads of the flowers and mix them with hot water. Add a pinch of detergent powder with it and spray the mixture possible infested area. Eventually, the roaches will die when they will in direct contact of it.

8. Neem

Natural ways to kill roaches

Neem contains natural insect repellant properties and it has been used as a traditional medicine from ancient time in Asia. Mix water with neem leaves and boil it minimum 10 minutes. Wait a few minutes to make it cool. Pour the cool mixture in a spray bottle and spray it in where the roaches mostly roam.

9. Petroleum jelly

Natural ways to kill roaches

Petroleum jelly can help you to kill roaches. Make a trap for the roaches with it. Add some sugar with it and smear it on a cupboard. Place the cupboard on roaches mostly present. They get attracted by the sugar and soon stuck on petroleum jelly. And keep the cupboard away from your kids and pets.

10. Catnip

Natural ways to kill roaches

Catnip contains Nepetalactone, which repels insects and harmless for human and animal. It has been used for centuries as an insect’s repellent. Take the catnip in a bowl pour water in it and boil it minimum 10 minutes. Then let it cool. Take it in a spray bottle and spray it around roaches effected area.

Some good practices for dealing with roaches

Besides these natural ways to kill roaches, you have to adopt some good practices to keep them away from your house.

  • Fix any water leaks. Roaches are attracted to water and moisture and they can survive only with water.
  • Seal the cracks and holes. Roaches can easily crawl through even smallest spaces. If you seal the area, any of them will not able to enter from outside your house.
  • Limit your food consumption in one particular room.
  • Frequently clean your bathroom and kitchen cabinet.
  • Seal your food containers carefully.
  • Always clean and cover your garbage cans.
  • Vacuum and sweep your home daily.


Hope these natural ways to kill roaches will help you to solve your problem. Here I describe 10 natural ways. Some tips will help you to kill them and some will help you to keep them away from your house. Choose which one is perfect for you and apply it. And also try to develop the good practices for completely get rid of roaches. Have a comfortable and healthy life. If you have any suggestion feel free to write down in the comment box.


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