10 Skin care habits for all types of skin


In our life, everyone knows some special person who has glowing skin. Whenever we meet them we just think how she maintains her glowing skin? What is the secret of her beautiful skin? What magical product did she use? The secret of her beauty is she must have some skin care habits for the glowing and healthy skin. If you want to make your skin glowing and healthy you can adopt some skin care habits.

Supercharge your beauty routine with the few skin care habits that are going to boost the benefit of your healthy skin. How you start your day definitely going to show your face.

10 Skin care habits for everyday life

If you want your skin to look fresh and youthful, there are certain habits you need to adopt as part of your everyday skin care routine. Now here l will describe some essential and effective skin care habits.Skin care habits

1.Drink plenty of water

Skin care habitsThe first and the most important habit is very simple. I think you heard it million times. But you cannot ignore it. This is something you cannot never ever ignore which is healthy diet and intake of water. Whatever you put inside your body will be your skin reflect back. So a very good diet and a good intake of water are going to help you the glowing effect and healthy skin naturally. So always focus on a good diet. And stay hydrated,  drink plenty of water. Because plenty of water moves toxins, oil, and dirt from our skin.

 2.Eat nutritious fiber rich food

You should eat nutritious fiber-rich food for the glowing and healthy skin. Lots of fruits, salad especially protein, nuts, vitamin C and E enriched foods add your daily routine. You can add also dry foods and juice. Avoid fried foods and junk foods. Because it’s necessary to be healthy inside to glow your skin. So eat healthily and make it your skin care habits.

3.Use individual, clean and soft towel for face

Do not ever clean your face with a hand towel. Imagine how many bacteria’s are resting on the hand towel and how many people use it. Always keep handkerchief size hand towel for your face. Never ever clean your hand with that towel. Don’t let anybody else use that. That should be your personal towel. Because everybody’s skin is different. I never ever did that. I started to do it in last January and I have seen a major difference in my skin. How important it is to use an individual towel especially for your skin. And wash it every day.

 4.Clean your face twice in a day

Clean your face every day. If you wear makeup or do not wear makeup is nothing to do it with your cleansing. You have to clean your face. I know some people who think that I don’t wear makeup so just one face wash is enough for my face, no it’s not. So make sure you have a cleansing process. You have a toner you have a moisturizing cream and you need to give your skin time. If you do not give your skin time if you do not pamper it’s going to reflect bad care. It’s not going to reflect back a healthy skin because you not giving attention, not giving time and not giving a product.Product means not to invest expensive product, you can go for a homemade face mask, face wash, and face cream. If you don’t have that you can expect yourself wrinkle. Acne, blemishes, and pigmentation in your skin.

5.Wear sunscreen whenever you go outside

You got to wear 365 days sunscreen. Sunscreen cream is the most important thing, it’s even more important than a moisturizer cream. So having a good sunscreen cream and wearing it 365 days is going to help your skin and protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. Sunlight has nothing to do with it because where ever you go ultraviolet rays are always there. So always wear sunscreen cream before going outside. It should be oil-free and moisturizer based.

6.Use fresh makeups and clean makeup brushes

This is only for the people who wear makeup. Most of the people ignore it or does not pay much attention. You need to check up your makeups life. Don’t wear a makeup or lipstick that is 3 years old, throw it. Don’t wear a mascara that is 6 months old. Please always pay attention to your makeup’s expire date. And also if you use your makeup brushes again and again without cleaning you are just applying dirt on your face and you are not helping your skin to feel healthy to have that cleanliness.

7.Take extra care for skin problems

If you have a pimple and acne on your skin take extra care of it. Don’t get extra harsh with your skin. Don’t touch your pimple or poke it. If you poke it there will redness besides the pimples and it became dark spot. And for removing this dark spot it gets much more time than the normal pimple mark. If you can feel that a pimple will appear on your skin then you can clean the particular area with rose water and massage honey for few times.

8.Apply face mask twice a week

Ex-foliate and apply musk twice a week. Exfoliate twice a week with your favorite facial scrub that suits your skin. Otherwise, you can use a homemade facial scrub as you prefer most. It will improve the circulation of blood and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. And try to make it as your skin care habits for healthy skin.


9.Do physical exercise every day

Physical exercise is very important. Physical exercise doesn’t mean you will get perfect physical shape but it also helps to boost up our skin, clean our skin and its glow the skin. Because doing regular physical exercise helps to flow your blood perfectly. Which is important for glowing and healthy skin.

 10. Sleep properly

We need also proper sleep. In 24 hour in a day, we need 7/8 hour sleep. If you want to glow skin you must sleep enough. Less sleep makes a dark circle in your eyes and besides this, your skins glow will disappear.


If you follow the skin care habits in your daily life, definitely you can see the result within one month. You can also know about hair care and other beauty tips from my other articles. And if you have any suggestions feel free to write below. I am waiting for your thoughtful comment.



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