10 Summer skin care tips you can try


Yes, summer is knocking on your door.

Are you ready to welcome the summer?

Is your skin ready, perfectly?

We know that the temperature in summer comparatively high. The heat of the sun pretty harsh to our skin in this season.

Dry skin gets patchy and oily skin gets oiler and rashes, pimples, roughness and lots of skin problems increased especially in summer.

Just a few simple changes in your everyday skin care habits can ensure you a healthy and beautiful skin that you are looking for.

Here are some effective and handy summer skin care tips you can try and enjoy the benefits.

10 summer skin care tips for healthy & glowing skin

We have to face lots of skin problems for the rough sunlight in summer. And here I bring 10 best summer skin care tips ever. Trust me, these super skin care tips are so easy to apply and effective too. For your easy to understand I narrated them step by step and you can also know their proper timing, perfect amount and how to apply for your skin care.

Summer skin care tips

1.Drink more fluid & stay hydrated

For being the temperature high in summer you lose more fluid from our body than other seasons. You often feel thirsty and dehydrated for overheat. So comparatively you need to drink more fluid at this time.

10 Summer skin care tips

You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day. If you can’t drink this amount of water you can expand your option by including some fresh drinks like lemonade, coconut water, green tea or milkshake with your favorite fruits and many more.

Drinking water in the early morning in empty stomach helps to clear our intestines and stomach. When the weather is hot you should drink water slowly and at short intervals. And you shouldn’t intake water two hours before sleep because it increases the puffiness of our eyes.

Water helps you balanced your body temperature, flushes bad toxins from your body. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles of your skin. It also helps natural blood flow which is essential for your glowing and healthy skin. So drinking more fluid and stay dehydrate is the first and most important summer skin care tips for you.

2. Take a cold shower

In summer the temperature is too hot, Right? Sometimes you can’t tolerate it. And if you take a cold shower, not only it will make you cool but it has also lots of benefits. For that, I will recommend you to take a cold shower, especially in summer.

10 Summer skin care tips

One of the most popular benefits of taking a cold shower that it will relieve your stress and depression and build massive willpower. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of this shower fully, take a deep shower in the morning. Start your shower with lukewarm water and for last 5 minutes take a cold shower. And before you going to bed if you take a cold shower it will help you a sound sleep.

According to certified Dermatologist Jessica Krant, cold water helps to stay some useful natural oil in our skin. So after taking a cool shower, it gives your skin and hair healthy, glowing and shiny look. So you look pretty fresh and feel fresh from the shower.

Cold showers train your nervous system to be more resilient to stress. In this kind of shower, you have to take deep breathes and it increases your alertness. It also stimulates your weight loss,  improves your immunity system which helps your blood to fight against the disease. It also improves your blood circulation which helps to promote glowing skin.

3. Eat cooling and water-rich foods

During summer you should avoid foods like that increase your body temperature. As for example, you should avoid deep-fried foods, red meat, junk foods, spicy foods, and foods which contains more salt & chilly.

You should eat nutritious fiber-rich & cooling foods which contain more water. You should focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, mango, jack-fruit, cucumber, pineapples etc are fruits of summer and you have to add it to your menu for being healthy and looking fresh in this season.

10 Summer skin care tips

You should also take foods that contain vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E, fatty acids, and selenium. Because different types of foods contain various types of vitamins. And these various kinds of vitamins do several types of work to keep us healthy. As for example, vitamin C helps for preventing sun damage and healing, vitamin A for healthy, firm and radiant skin, vitamin E for hyperpigmentation and erases stretch marks of our skin & many more benefits we get from right intake of foods.

4. Wear sunscreen whenever you go outside

Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen in this season. The ultraviolet ray of sun is much harmful during this time of the year. It can cause dry, flaky & dull skin, dark blemishes & tans, fine lines, wrinkles etc.

Whenever your skin exposed to the sun use always sunscreen to protect your skin. I recommended you when you buy a sunscreen cream or lotion see carefully that their SPF should be minimum 30. And choose a sunscreen that mixed perfectly with your skin and gets absorbed. You must apply it before half an hour to go outside. And when you are going to swimming, apply it again and again if it washed out.

10 Summer skin care tips

Well, you need the sun rays daily dose of vitamin D. But without sunscreen, your skin will be unprotected. Because the sun rays got lots of harmful rays with it, which damage your skin. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from this harmful rays but also do lots of skin benefits. Collagen, keratin, and elastin- the protein of your skin can be protected by sunscreen if you use it.

It protects your skin from developing signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Apply sunscreen on your face, it shields the onset of that eruption of red veins and irritating blotchiness. By using sunscreen daily and over the days and months, you can protect our skin from the risk of various types of skin cancer, especially, melanoma. So, apply sunscreen regularly and stay safe.

5. Wear sunglass and put lip balm on the sunny noon 

Between 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. during the ray’s of the sun is the harshest. So we should avoid going outside unnecessarily. If it is so important to step out, make sure that your eyes are covered with sunglass. And for extra protection for your lips just use lip balms.

We often forget that the lips and eyes are the most sensitive parts of our face. They can be effected easily by the sun rays during hot noon if we didn’t give extra attention to them.

10 Summer skin care tips

If overheat makes your eyes burn then first wash your eyes with lots of cold water and for the extra care you can put cotton balls (dripped into potato juice) in your eyes for 15-20 minutes and then just washed it off with cool water.

Before using lip balms use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your lip. Then apply it smoothly for a couple of seconds on your lips and make sure it sets perfectly. If you are planning on wearing lipstick, use a lip primer after that. You can use lip balm into your lips at night time sleeping, it will make your lips much soft, supple and healthy.

6. Wear light color and breathable fabrics

When its summer you need to more conscious about what you are wearing. In this hot weather, the perfect cloth can give you much comfort. So select the right fabrics considering the temperature.

10 Summer skin care tips

The color of the fabrics plays an important role in any temperature. Because if you wear a deep color dress it will absorb more heat than a light color. Choose the light one that will reflect the heat and make you feel bit cool.

Cotton is the best suitable fabrics for summer. Because it is soft, breathable and comfortable among all the fabrics. You should also avoid tight cloth. They can cause irritation by over sweating. This fabrics not only make you feel comfortable but also give you a healthy life & skin too.

7. Stay hygiene all the time

Stay all time hygiene may be monotonous and boring but it gives you a healthy life as well as healthy skin. It also keeps you free from bacteria, viruses, and illnesses. And in summer germs are more active to make you sick. So you have to be more conscious of stay hygiene, especially in summer.

10 Summer skin care tips

Stay hygiene mean not only keep yourself neat and clean but also your daily usage things should be germless and clean. Likewise, your makeup brushes should clean regularly and use an individual and clean towel for your face always. Change your undergarments every day and always wear dirt-free, sweat-free, clean dresses.

For your healthy, beautiful and glowing skin you have to take a bath every day and if possible twice in a day. You have to wash your face 3/4 times in a day and after coming home from outside it is a must. Keep your underarms dry and clean to discourage bacteria. Trim your nail once in a week. Because long nails also carry germ which may harm your face.

8. Use home remedies for face care

For the humidity and hot temperatures, your skin experiences more oil and you are sweating more. And in our Asian country when we go outside we have to face more dust, dirt, and germ in the open air. So if you want the fresh and healthy look you just need to take extra care of your face. And if you use home remedies for it, you will be more benefited.

10 Summer skin care tips

At first, make sure splash your face with cool water at least 3/4 times in a day. No need to use face wash all the time and remember before you go to bed a clean & washed face is the must.

After that, you have exfoliated your skin. For that, you have to scrub your face twice in a week. It will remove the dead cell of your skin and maintain the natural glow of your face. For scrubbing, you can use home remedies like Aloe Vera gel, sugar and honey. They will also treat your acne, sunburn and moisturize your skin.

For perfectly get rid of impurities your skin need a toner. It will help to remove leftover dirt from your skin. If you have nothing in your house you can just use ice-cube for it. Simple rub an ice cube on the face.

The four pillars of the healthy skin are-cleansing, exfoliating, toning & moisturizing. And You need to moisturize your skin daily. Our skin absorbs more than 50% what you are applying. So for a soft, supple and glowing skin natural moisturizer is essential. Try to use shea and cocoa butter for rich nourishing skin before bedtime.

9. Maintain the perfect schedule for physical exercise

Physical exercise will not only give you a fit body but also a healthy skin. But in this hot season like summer it’s quite tough to maintain. So early in the morning when the gentle cool breeze blow, its perfect time to do your exercise.

10 Summer skin care tips

There are lots of reasons to do regular physical exercise and getting an attractive, glowing skin is one of them. During the exercise when your heart is plumping it means they are supplying your skin a nice dose of oxygenated blood. A board-certified dermatologist Noelle S.Sherber, M.D. in Maryland says,”It gives you that great post-workout glow.”

Working out also helps to reduce your stress for wrinkle-free skin. It also helps to produce collagen that makes your skin firm, supple and elastic. Regular exercise boosts your blood circulation and thus it helps to relief from acne. Do exercise, be healthy and keep your skin healthy too.

10. Need a beauty sleep

Michael Breus, MD, author of Beauty Sleep says “When you’re tired, blood doesn’t flow efficiently,” When you can’t sleep properly at night your eyes become puffy. And if the problems continuous day after day it can produce under eye dark circle. And your skin will become dull and it will create fine lines on your skin. Mainly lack of sleep can detract the natural beauty of your skin.

10 Summer skin care tips

Michael Breus, Ph.D., a board-certified sleep specialist says, ‘If you’re getting fewer than 6 hours, it’s likely affecting your appearance.’ So, we have to sleep at least 8/7 hours in a day. Try to sleep under a warm blanket in a cool, dark, quiet room and use breathable cotton sheets to sleep better.

When you sleep skin makes new collagen for your skin. It helps your skin looks plumper and luminous. During sleep, your body boosts up the blood flow which helps to improve your skin complexion and give you a glowing skin. When you shut your eye enough during your sleep it will help to reduce puffiness under your eyes and make your eyes brighter.


We have to maintain our skin 365 days in a year if we want the beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. But when the weather is too hot normally we have to make some change in our beauty routine. Here I describe summer skin care tips step by step just for you. You can try it, apply it and see the benefits on your skin. Now there is no more tension for summer. Happy summer folks!

























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