15+ Genius perfume hacks for long lasting fragrance


Perfumes are popular nowadays. They not only help to reduce our body odor but also play an important role in a healthy mind.

It helps to remove our stress, calm our nerves, take away our fatigue and improves our concentration and mood.

Often the perfume we use didn’t stay longer in our dress and body, right? So, why not apply some perfume hacks for long-lasting fragrance?

Genius perfume hacks for long-lasting fragrance

Most of us don’t use any technique to apply perfume on our body. But if we apply it properly, it can last longer. From here you can learn some genius perfume hacks for a long-lasting fragrance and these hacks will enrich your daily life indeed.

1.Store perfume in a cool and dry place

Perfume hacks

Humidity, light, and heat can break down the fragrance and lessen the quality of your perfume. So don’t store them in your bathroom or beside the window. Try to keep them in a cool and dry place of your house for long-lasting fragrance.

2. Apply perfume after a bath and before dressed

Perfume hacks

Hydrated skin absorbs the fragrance longer. So it’s better to apply perfume right after your bath. And if you apply it before getting dressed you can also avoid staining your clothes and jewelry.

3. Spray on pulse points of your body

Perfume hacks

Before spraying choose a couple target points. The pulse points- where the blood vessels are closer to the surface of your skin and make them warm. And this warmer point will help you to diffuse the fragrance across your entire body throughout the day. Mainly you have to focus on your neck, wrist, below midriff, behind knees, inside elbow, on your ankles and calves.

4. Make it long lasting with vaseline or lotion

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Avoid spraying the perfume over your dry skin. Use vaseline or non-scented lotion on your pulse point to moisturize your skin. These will easily lock the perfume on your skin for long-lasting fragrance.

5. Spray perfume on hairbrush for a nice fragranced hair

Perfume hacks

If you want your hair a nice smell, don’t spray your perfume directly on your hair. Because most of the perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your hair. First, spray your perfume on a hairbrush and then brush your hair. And you will get a pleasant scent indeed.

6. Never shake your perfume bottle

Perfume hacks

When you shake your perfume bottle unnecessary, it creates air bubbles. This air bubbles can destroy the quality of the fragrance. So it’s better to avoid shake perfume bottles.

7. Do not rub your wrists after spraying perfume

Perfume hacks

If you rub wrists together, it can break down the top notes of your perfume. And the fragrance will disappear faster. So, After spraying do not rub the wrists.

8. Spray perfume on your pillow for better sleep

perfume haacks

Some fragrances help to calm your mind to better sleep. So choose your preferable perfume and apply it on your pillow before sleep. It will help you to sleep faster and better.

9. Choose the right type of perfume for longevity

The highest amount of essential oil on your perfume increase the longevity of your perfume. If the perfume contains 15-20% of the essential oil it will last up to 6-8 hours and if it contains 5-15% of the essential oil it will last 2-3 hours. Be careful about choosing the right one.

10. Understand the notes of a fragrance

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Generally, every fragrance has notes. Notes are separated into three classes- base notes, middle notes, and top notes. After spraying top notes (citrus, herbs) smell immediately and usually fades away after a few minutes. The middle notes ( flower, green fruits, spices) develops gradually and last for next few hours. And the base notes ( woods, balsam) is richer and deeper and last longer. Vanilla, amber, and sandalwood are popular base notes.

11. Wait to dry your perfume completely

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After spraying your perfume on your body, wait a few minutes to dry it completely. Because if the scent sticks on your skin perfectly and dried down completely, it will last longer throughout the day.

12. To avoid a heavy scent spray in the air & walk away

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If the fragrance of your perfume is too heavy that you can’t tolerate, you can make it lighter. Spray the perfume in the air and walk through it.

13. Use makeup wipe while sampling perfumes

Perfume hacks

Fragrance sampling is a bit surprising and you never know what is waiting for you. It is not necessary that you have to like all the fragrance. So you can use a makeup wipe to get rid of the unpleasant scent.

14. Create your own custom fragrance

Perfume hacks

Spray some perfume bottles with different oils and fragrances at the same time to find your favorite combination. Apply them on your skin and spray stronger fragrance first and then top it with the lighter fragrance for a better result.

15. Infuse clothes with favorite fragrance

Perfume hacks

At first spray your favorite fragrance in tissue papers. Then line your dresser drawers with the tissue papers and make your clothes smell astonishing. Your cloth will always carry your favorite fragrance on them.

16. Spray perfume on cotton swabs for easy touch-ups

Perfume hacks

You don’t have to carry perfume bottles in your handbag all day long. Spray your favorite perfume in cotton swabs and carry them in a zip pouch for the whole day easy touch-up. This is one of smart hack among all the perfume hacks.


Now you know that your hydrated skin can absorb more fragrance and if you apply your perfume in your pulse point it will last longer. You can recognize the notes of your fragrance, you can select the right perfume and create your own fragrance and lots of genius perfume hacks are here for you.











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