15 Lemon beauty hacks in our regular life


Glowing, healthy, soft & supple skin is the foundation of your beauty, right?

And this beautiful skin will not only boost up your confidence but also show that how much conscious are you about your skin.

Well, for a beautiful & glowing skin, you have to adopt some skin care habits. Such as healthy diet, perfect sleep, proper hydration, and regular physical exercise.

Here, I will focus on how natural ingredients can play an important role to take care of our skin. As I told you before why I prefer natural home remedies for skin care. Maybe you try lots of stuff for lift up your beauty. Why not this time with lemon? Why not try some lemon beauty hacks?

Lemon beauty hacks for lift up your beauty

Lemon is a versatile fruit indeed. And it is one of the common home remedies. It is sour in taste but the benefits it gives us is always sweet. It helps to solve our many health issues, it has beauty benefits, even it helps to clean our household things.

The benefits of lemon are endless. Let’s check out some of its beauty benefits. From our face to foot and hair to nail- lemon helps to maintain our beauty.

Here are some lemon beauty hacks form some popular beauty blogs. Stick with me, read it, apply it and I am sure it will not disappoint you.

1. Refresh your sweet smile with lemon


Take fresh lemon juice, mixed it well with baking soda and make a thick paste of it. Take the thick paste into your toothbrush and brush your teeth.  Leave the mixture just for one minute. Then rinse it off and you can do this process once a week. Lemon contains Acetic acid which makes your teeth whiter and its antibacterial agent killed the germ inside your teeth.

2. Lighten your dark lips with lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

Lemon contains acetic acid which can lighten up anything. So you can apply lemon juice on your lips for lightening it up. Apply it on your lips before you are going to bed. For better result, you can mix honey with it. In the morning just rinse it off with warm water.

3. Make your nails strong and beautiful with lemon

lemon beauty hacks

Take one tablespoon lemon juice and two tablespoons olive oil in a bowl. Put the bowl into a microwave oven just for a few seconds to make it lukewarm. Soak your nails on it for 10 minutes. For better result, you can apply the mixture to your nails before going to bed and covered your nails with gloves. In the morning just wash it off and repeat this process once a week. It will not only strengthen your nails but also make attractive and whiter.

4. Remove your dandruff with lemon

Pissed off with dandruff? Try lots of stuff? Let’s try this time with lemon. Squeeze fresh lemon juice in a bowl and apply it on your scalp. Let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Then rinse it off. After that apply shampoo to wash your hair. For better result, you can do this process twice a week. Surely its antifungal properties will remove your dandruff. And it will make your hair stronger and give your hair a natural shine.

5. Highlights your hair with lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

If you want to highlights your hair and don’t want to use chemical then lemon is the right choice for you. Take a lemon juice on a spray bottle and apply it on your hair strands. Then you have to sit in the sun for about 1 to 2 hours. How long you have to sit, it depends on hair color. Lemon contains acetic acid which becomes more active with sun rays to lighten your hair color. Then just wash it off with regular shampoo. And your work is done.

6. Make your own lemon body scrub

Lemon beauty hacks

To prepare lemon body scrub, first, you need to squeeze juice from half of the lemon. Then add a half cup of sugar, one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil with it. Mix them properly and scrub the mixture on your whole body. You can do it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash it off. After scrubbing your body you need to apply moisturizer must.

7. Control your acne with lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

Acne can be controlled by lemon juice. You have add bit ground cinnamon with it. Then mix them well. Take the mixture in a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area. It can sting for the first one minute. Keep the mixture for 15 minutes and then rinse it.

8. Lighten your age spots with lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

You can’t remove 100% age spots from your face. What you can do is, you can lighten the spots. Apply the freshly squeezed lemon juice on the affected area regularly before going to bed. Lemon contains citric acid which helps to lighten your spots. It is one of the popular lemon beauty hacks.

9. Remove blackheads with lemon 

Lemon beauty hacks

Combine half teaspoon lemon juice with 1 tablespoon sea salt and 1 teaspoon pure water in a bowl. Stir it well to mixed properly. Clean your face with warm water first to open the pore. Then dry your face and apply the mixture on the affected area. Massage it smoothly for 5 minutes in a circular motion. After that rinse it with warm water. Then take some splash of cold water to close the pores.

10. Make your lemon face pack

Lemon beauty hacks

This face pack is particularly for those who spend a great amount of time outside among pollution and sun heat. Take a tablespoon of rose water, cucumber juice and lemon juice in a bowl. Stir them well and apply this on your face. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. And then don’t forget to moisturize your skin.

11. Exfoliate your skin with lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

To tighten your pores and eliminate excess oil from your face you can use a natural exfoliator. Make a thick paste of salt and lemon juice and smoothly scrub it on your face. Scrub it gently on your face and then wash it off. It is one of the effective lemon beauty hacks.

12. Use lemon as a toner

Lemon beauty hacks

Add few drops of lemon juice and tea tree oil with 200 ml lukewarm water. Your toner is ready. Dab a cotton pad on it. And use the mixture as a toner on your face. Lemon contains vitamin C which will boost up your collagen production and brighten your skin.

13. Achieve soft feet by lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

Squeeze one lemon in a bowl add 2 tablespoons coconut oil, 3 tablespoons salt with it and mix them well. Wash your feet and soak in warm water for 10 minutes. Then use the mixture to scrub your feet to remove the dead skin cells. Lemon has anti-fungal properties which can treat any fungal issue of your feet and nails.

14. Speed up your weight loss with lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

Are you in the diet plan for weight loss? Then lemon can speed up your weight loss process. After waking up in the morning drink lemon water. Take one cup of lukewarm water and add one tablespoon lemon juice on it. Take this drink regularly and it will not help you to weight loss but also detoxify your body.

15. In emergency remove the nasty smell of armpits by lemon

Lemon beauty hacks

Sometimes you can face an embracing situation that, your body smell bad but you don’t have deodorant spray around. If there is a lemon in front of you, it can help you out. Take a slice of lemon and rub it in your armpit. You will not only get smell fresh but it will kill the bacteria of your armpit.


Hope these lemon beauty hacks will play an important role in your beauty routines. It is needless to say these hacks will Lift up your beauty without any side effect. Hence you have to bit careful before applying lemon beauty hacks. You have to avoid to apply lemon on the cut off places of your skin and it is better not to apply lemon on a sensitive skin. If you are interested to know more about other hacks you can visit my other posts in this section.



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