30 Super easy baking hacks you have to try


Now interested in baking?

Well, baking is not always an easy job.

No worries! Because here I bring some super easy baking hacks.

And the interesting fact is that I love to bake too. But when I was a beginner like you I have faced lots of problems. I believe that, where there is a problem, there is a solution too. Slowly I discover some super easy solutions of these.

Easy baking hacks for the beginner

In this post, I will discuss with you some baking hacks, especially who are the beginner. There are some common issues that every beginner have to face and you will not found the solutions in the baking recipe. But here I will do the favor for you. I will make your baking more interesting as well as easy. Here I gather some super easy baking hacks. Apply these and trust me you will be benefited.

1. Warm your chilled eggs quickly

Baking hacks

Eggs are necessary for the bake. And most of the time we should need the egg at room temperature. If your eggs are in the fridge, then you will be a bit worried that how it could be possible to turn the chilled egg in normal temperature? But it’s so simple. Just put them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Your eggs are ready to bake.

2. Remove eggshells easily

Baking hacks

Sometimes unfortunately when you crack your eggs, the eggshells might fall into your egg. If you don’t know the proper technique it’s quite tough to remove the eggshell from the egg. Do you know what is the easiest way? Use the rest of the eggshells to scoop it out and they stick together to make the process easy.

3. Soften your butter quickly

Baking hacks

When it is time to work with butter, you need soft and room temperature butter, right? But you forgot to bring it out from a refrigerator in the right time? Here is a baking hack for you. You can turn your hard butter into soft without melting. Just put it under a warm glass for few minutes and you will find desired butter.

4. Keep your brown sugar soft

Baking hacks

If you wanted to store your brown sugar for a long time put some marshmallow with it on the container. Definitely, it will keep your brown sugar soft.

5. Make your brown sugar soft

Baking hacks

If your brown sugar is too much hard to use, you can sort it easily. Take the brown sugar in a bowl and cover it with a damp paper towel. Then put the bowl into the microwave for 20 seconds.

6. Make your own brown sugar

Baking hacks

If you have molasses and white sugar on your house it’s so easy to make your own brown sugar. Add some molasses in your white sugar and mixed it well and brown sugar is ready. If you don’t achieve your desired color you can add more molasses with the sugar.

7. Fluffy your whipped cream quickly

Baking hacks

If you want to fluffy your whipped cream quickly, then just chill your beater and the bowl when it’s time to beat your whipped cream.

8. Make easy frosting on cupcakesBaking hacks

Before the last five minutes of baking, your cupcakes put marshmallows on each cake and you will get amazing frosting.

9. Store your cakes super moist

Baking hacks

Want to store your leftover cakes in a refrigerator? Just cover it with a slice of bread and it will remain super moist and soft indeed.

10. Prevent splatters while using an electric beater

Baking hacks

Often when we use an electric beater for baking. Take a paper plate and holes into it and adjust the beater. The paper plate will prevent the splatters and splashes.

11. Keep cookies moist

Baking hacks

Want to store your cookies? Put apple slices or orange peel in the jar of cookies. It will absorb the moisture. And your cookies will moist, fresh and soft for a long time.

12. Work easily with sticky ingredients

Baking hacks

When its time to work with a sticky item before you touch them just wet your hands. Then you will feel more comfortable to handle them and they will not be stuck in your hand as before.

13. Test your baking soda

Baking hacks

If you store your baking soda for a long time and bit confused before use whether it’s perfect or not, then you can check it with a simple trick. Take half cup of hot water and put a teaspoon baking soda on it. If bubble comes out then it is perfect to use.

14. Prevent sticky ingredients from measuring cup

Baking hacks

Whatever we use in baking, we have to use measuring cup and spoon. When its time to measure sticky substances like honey, syrup etc.- its make our work bit difficult. Just use your cooking spray on the measuring cup and it will make your work easy.

15. Remove the burnt portion of cookies or cakes

Baking hacks

Unfortunately, you burnt your cookies or cakes or muffins? No worries! There are easy baking hacks for you. Take a vegetable peeler or grater and shave off the burnt part of them easily.

16. Cut your cookie dough quickly

Baking hacks

Cookie dough is bit sticky. When its time to cut your cookie with a cookie cutter, it can make your work bit tough. To avoid this situation, every time dip your cutter in flour and then cut your cookie. The flour will reduce the sticking.

17. Avoid air bubbles

Baking hacks

Air bubbles can make your cakes bit imperfect. If you want to avoid these air bubbles and a smoothly perfect cake then this baking hack is for you. Before you bake, drop your pan several times onto countertop and this force will bring out the unwanted bubbles from your cake.

18. Make perfect slice

Baking hacks

If you want the perfect slice of your pie, pizza or cake, then apply this baking hack. You have to heat your knife before slicing. And do you know what is the smartest way? Put your knife on the running hot water for a few seconds and make it dry before slicing.

19. Make buttermilk at home

Baking hacks

Want to bake something with buttermilk and it just finished? Don’t need to run a supermarket. You can make it at home easily.  Take one cup of milk in a bowl and add a tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar with it and your buttermilk is ready.

20. Make powdered sugar easily

Baking powder

Put one tablespoon cornstarch with one cup of white sugar in a blender. Blend it for a few minutes. And you will get your desire powdery consistency indeed.

21. Ripen banana instantly

Baking hacks

Need some ripen bananas for baking and they are not enough ripe? Put bananas into the oven and heat(300F for 40 minutes) them until they turn in dark brown. Bring them out from oven and they are ready for your bread or cakes.

22. Use Avocado instead of butter

Baking hacks

Want to bake some cake and your cholesterol is high? You can just replace the butter in your recipes with avocado. Avocado is good for health and works great as a replacement for butter.

23. Use unflavored dental floss for cutting

Baking hacks

When it is time to cut soft or doughy items or maybe cheesecakes or cinnamon rolls, then unflavored dental floss is perfect for slicing them. Try these baking hacks and you will be amazed.

24. Keep consistent in cupcakes

Baking hacks

To keep consistent in cupcakes you can use an ice cream scoop. At first coat the scoops with cooking spray and then distribute cupcake batter into liners. It will make your work easy and quick too.

25. Make glossy your frosted cake

Baking hacks

Before serving your frosted cakes heat the cake in medium temperature by your hair dryer until the frosting of your cakes started to melt. After that, when it turns into solid, it will give you a glossy look.

26. Preserve cookie dough in ice cube trays

Baking hacks

You can preserve your cookie dough for a long time in your refrigerator. Freeze them in an ice cube trays. So that, they will ready to bake whenever you want.

27. Make bread from melted ice cream

Baking hacks

If your ice cream is melted and you don’t want to eat it, no need to throw it away. You can easily bake bread from it. Add 3 cups flour with 1.5 quarter tub of ice cream and mixed them well. Bake them 35 minutes and your bread is ready.

28. Fill up frosting bag easily

Baking hacks

Is it quite tough to fill up your frosting bag? Just put your frosting bag over a cup and Then you can fill it easily.

29. Make your baking powder at home

Baking hacks

When you find your baking powder is over during the time of bake, not to worry. You can make it by yourself if cream of tartar and baking soda is available at your kitchen. Mix half tablespoon baking soda with half tablespoon cream of tartar and your one tablespoon baking powder is ready for use.

30. Make sprinkle at home

Baking hacks

You can make your favorite sprinkle at home. For that, you need 2 cups confectioner’s sugar, 1 teaspoon warm water and egg white, 1/4 teaspoon your preferable flavor and food color & pinch of salt. Whisk the egg whites with warm water and then mix all the ingredients and make a thick paste of them. Pipe out the icing in a baking sheet and let them dry. Then your sprinkle is ready to use.


Hope these baking hacks will make your new journey of baking more easy and comfortable.  If you get benefited by these baking hacks, please comment below. However, if you have a better suggestion and any question, you can also add it to the comment box.

























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