5 Mirror cleaning tips by home remedies


Looking for some mirror cleaning tips?

No matter how frequently you clean the mirror, it gets dirty often for many reasons. Maybe it’s your kid’s handprints, pets nose prints, water spots or regular dust & dirt. Hence you can say, it is a common issue in our daily life.

No worries! Here I bring some easy mirror cleaning tips for you. Read this, apply this and get benefited.

Mirror cleaning tips by home remedies for you

Water stains, dirt, oily streaks- whatever makes your mirror dirty, you can clean it easily by home remedies. If you find all the ingredients in your kitchen, it will not only save your time but also save your money and energy. Moreover, if you use appropriate ingredients and techniques you will get a crystal clear mirror indeed. And it will be a very satisfying household chore for you. So, why are you waiting for? Here are the home remedies.

1. Shaving foam

Shaving foam

Take shaving foam on a microfiber cloth or rag. Wipe your mirror with it. It will remove streaks and smudges from your mirror easily. It will also save your mirror from fogging during shower minimum for one week. This one is suitable for a bathroom mirror.

2. Black tea

Mirror cleaning tips

You can use black tea for cleaning your mirror. It contains tannic acid which can easily dissolve dirt and grease from your mirror and glass. Boil 10 oz.  water in a pot with 3 tea bags. After boiling allow it fully cool. Pour it in a spray bottle or a bowl and clean your mirror by the rag or microfiber cloth. Black tea work well for regular mirror cleaning.

3. Vinegar

Mirror cleaning tips

Take a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar and water mixture. Their proportion should be equal. For better result, you can use distilled water instead of normal water. And then spray the mixture into the mirror and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. It is also suitable for regular mirror cleaning.

4. Vinegar, rubbing alcohol & cornstarch mixture

Mirror cleaning tips

Add 1/4 cup white vinegar, ¼   rubbing alcohol and one tablespoon cornstarch mixed in a bowl and pour the solution in a spray bottle. It is a powerful solution for mirror cleaning. Just spray the mixture in the mirror and rub it with cotton balls or microfiber cloth. Before spray, shake the mixture well. This tip works well for removing hard streak and grime.

5. Detergent, lemon juice & vinegar mixture

Mirror cleaning tips

Add two tablespoons of dish detergent, four tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup of white vinegar properly in a bowl first. You can use ammonia instead of white vinegar. Mixed them in a bucket of warm water. And then start to clean your mirror. This mirror cleaning tip is perfect for removing streak of oil.

Steps for mirror cleaning

  • Scan the mirror for stains.
  • Find out which type of streaks and grime are in your mirror.
  • Select which mirror cleaning tip is effective for it.
  • Soak a cotton pad on the mixture & dab every stain with the soaked cotton pad.
  • Do scrubbing until the stain removes from the mirror.
  • If the corner of your mirror contains a lot of dirt and grime, you can use a toothbrush for that area.
  • Apply the mixture on the toothbrush & rub the area until the grime dissolves.
  • Then spray the mixture on the total mirror and wipe it down with a wet microfiber cloth.
  • Strat from the top left corner of the mirror and wipe down with a zigzag pattern.
  • After that clean the mirror with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • You may shift to the left and to the right for better perspective if there remaining any dirt or stains on the mirror.
  • If you see any stains apply the solution to your cloth and wipe it quickly.

Precaution for mirror cleaning tips

  • Do regular basis light dusting into your mirror.
  • Use distilled water instead of normal water for the better result while cleaning the mirror.
  • For removing stubborn streaks you can use white vinegar without mixing water in it.
  • If you use microfiber clothes, make sure you take wet one for cleaning and dry one for polishing your mirror.
  • Avoid terry cloths, paper towel, and newspaper for cleaning. At the end of your cleaning, they will leave a few streaks on your mirror.
  • To remove the bad odor you can use lemon juice with any mixture.


With the help of right ingredients, it is so easy for anyone to clean their mirror. Hope these mirror cleaning tips by home remedies will help you. You can do your job without wasting more money and time. If you get benefited by using these mirror cleaning tips, feel free to write down which one is effective for you. And if you have any suggestion you can add it below in comment box.



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