5 Natural ways to kill fruit flies in home


Fruit flies are so annoying.

They can come from anywhere to your house. Once they appear it seems like that they will stick around forever. They not only disturbed us but also spread some common diseases like diarrhea. Hence it’s so hard for anyone to kill them all.

And it is quite hard for anyone to kill them by insect’s killer. Because mostly they are seen around our food and who wants to spray insecticide over foods.

So, how you will get rid of fruit flies? Natural ways are a perfect solution for this. Basically, I will describe how to create natural traps to attract the fruit flies and kill them.

Effective and natural ways to kill fruit flies

Especially in summer pesky fruit flies find their way to come into our house and fly over our overripe/fermenting fruits, vegetables, and foods. Homemade traps are the best way to get rid of them. Here are some natural ways to kill fruit flies which are very easy to apply and effective indeed.

Why homemade traps are best, natural ways to kill fruit flies

Fruit flies have the sense of smell 10 million times more sensitive than the human tongue. So they easily attract by the smell of the lure and fly inside the homemade trap. Once they go inside the trap they can’t get out for their bad vision of compound eyes. And easily die.

Homemade traps to kill fruit flies

1. Paper cone trap

  • A wide mouth jar
  • Paper Cone
  • Lure

Natural ways to kill fruit flies

Take a paper and make a roll of it like a cone. Cut a small hole of .5cm diameter at the apex of the paper cone. Take a wide mouth jar and pour some lure in it. Then place the narrow side of paper cone down on the jar. Be careful that the cone doesn’t touch the lure. Apply tape on the sides of the jar, so that the cone can hold the jar firmly.

2. Tumbler trap

  • A tumbler
  • A thin plastic sheet
  • A rubber band
  • Lure

Natural ways to kill fruit flies

Take a tumbler and pour the lure inside it. Cover the tumbler with the thin plastic sheet. To prevent the plastic sheet from coming off fasten a rubber band on it. And then make some hole into the plastic sheet by a toothpick.

3. Bottle trap

  • An empty soda or water bottle
  • A cellophane tape
  • A sharp knife
  • Lure

Natural ways to kill fruit flies

Take the empty soda and water bottle and cut 1/3 from the top. Then drill a 5mm hole in the bottle cap. Next, pour the lure in the lower part of the bottle. After that place the upper side of the bottle upside down on the lower part. Finally, apply cellophane tape to seal the area perfectly.

4. Banana bag trap

  • An empty long and thin bag
  • An overripe banana

Natural ways to kill fruit flies

Cut an overripe banana into few slices and put them into the long and thin bag. Put the bag in the fly infested area. Open the bag sufficiently for flies to go in. Let it sit for overnight. Make sure that there is no more hole in the bag. In the morning just close the bag.

5. Flypaper trap

  • Sheets of thin brown paper
  • Scissors
  • Heating pan
  • Corn syrup
  • Water
  • Thread

Natural ways to kill fruit flies

Cut the brown paper into 2 inches wide sheets. Then pour equal parts of corn syrup and water in a pan and boil it. Next, soak the sheets into the mixture about 4/5 hours. After that, take them out and let them dry for minimum 2 hours. Once they dry fully, they are ready for use. Hang them in the fly infested area. Flies will be attracted by the smell and stuck on the paper.

Lure to kill fruit flies

Lure play a material role to kill fruit flies. Actually, their sense of smell is so high then other species. And they attracted by the acetic acid, which presents in overripe and rotten fruit and vegetable. You can also use apple cider vinegar, wine or tequila as a lure because they contain sufficient acetic acid.

1. Apple cider vinegar and dish soap mixture

Apple cider vinegar is the popular one which used for natural ways to kill fruit flies. Heat one cup of apple cider vinegar in the microwave for few seconds. Heat will increase the fragrance of it to attract more fruit flies. Add 4/5 drops of dish soap with it and your lure is ready. Dish soap will help to fruit flies sink quickly as soon as they come to attachment of the mixture. You can use this lure in top 3 traps that mentioned above.

2. Red wine and dish soap mixture

Among all types of wine, red wine works the best for the lure of fruit flies. Because it is the most aromatic wine. Take 1/4 cup of wine in a bowl. Then add 2/3 drops of dish soap with it and here is the lure. The red wine will attract the fruit flies from a long distance quickly and when they come near to the mixture they will sink. You can use this wine mixture in top 3 traps here.

3. Yeast and sugar mixture

Yeast trap works very well against fruit flies. Take 1/4cup of warm water on a cup. Sprinkle a teaspoon yeast over it. Add 1 teaspoon sugar with it. Stir the mixture properly and pour it, in a tumbler trap. But remember to change the lure daily.

4. Milk, sugar and pepper mixture

It is an ancient method and used mostly by farmers. Take one cup of milk, 2 tablespoons ground pepper, and  4 tablespoons sugar in a pan. Mix them well  and simmer it minimum 10 minutes. Then your lure is ready to use and you can apply it in the top three traps.


Here I described 5 types of the homemade trap to kill fruit flies, that you can create easily. And 4 types of the lure by natural home ingredients. Select which trap you can make easily and apply it with the available lure in your kitchen. Hope these natural ways to kill fruit flies will definitely help you to get rid of pesky fruit flies in your home.





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