Who am I...

About me

Hi. Myself SHARMIN LAILA. Mainly I am a housewife. I have two adorable kids. I am from Bangladesh.I complete my graduation about crafts.And I am a content writer too.

My hobby is reading books and doing craftworks. I don’t spend time but utilize it.After doing my household works I always keep concentrate on making any new things. The new things may be any food item or crafts.

Whatever I make, I make it in an artistic way. Because I belive presentation has a great value. If you follow some simple rules and regulations to make anyting it can be an art.The way you talk, the way you write, the way you cook food everything can be an art by maintaining some simple rules.

I always think that how can I do my daily work easily in a perfect way without wasting time. So I gather much knowledge about the solutions of the daily problem and apply it.i think to share my knowledge so the people like you can be benifited too.