Super easy hair hacks every girl should know


Are you looking for some smart hair hacks?

Don’t have much time or energy to set up your hair?

Sometimes we have to struggle to find out new ways to style and maintain our hair. Maybe sometimes we are so busy to give enough time for our hair to make desire look.

Hair plays an important role in our look and personality. And a woman like us have to deal more with our hair because we have longer hair than man, right?

Unique and easy hair hacks for you

For the all stylish girls and women out there, here are some unique and easy hair hacks for you that I gather from great bloggers.

1. Flip your hair upside down for rapid hair growth

Hair hacks

Try to flip your hair upside down for two to four minutes daily. It helps to improve your scalp blood circulation for rapid hair growth. It is one of the popular technique for hair grow faster.

2. Condition only the ends of your hair

Hair hacks

When you need to condition your hair, especially focus on hair ends. Avoid your scalp area to applying conditioner. Because it makes your hair greasy.

3. Heat up your conditioner

Hair hacks

Want super soft hair? Before applying your conditioner heat up it. And set it minimum half an hour on your hair before wash it off. You will get super soft hair indeed.

4. Use eye shadow to look fuller your hair

Hair hacks

Is your hair look thinner? Want to give a fuller look? Find an eye shadow that best matches with your hair color and then applies it on your scalp & hair with a small blending brush to get an illusion of fuller hair.

5. Use a toothbrush to tame your flyaway

Hair hcks

Want to tame your flyaway? For that, you can take an unused toothbrush and spray a bit hairspray on it. Then gently comb back any flyaway by using that toothbrush.

6. The amazing smell on hairhair hacks

 Smell bad on your hair before going outside? Spray your favorite perfume on your hairbrush and brush your hair. It is needless to say then you will feel an amazing smell from your hair.

7. Apply cornstarch for instantly remove oil

Hair hacks

If you haven’t enough time to wash your hair and its urgent to remove oily look from hair you can apply cornstarch to soak up the oils.

8. Use toilet seat cover to remove excess oil

Hair hacks

Another easy way to remove excess oil from your hair is to use toilet seat paper. Just dab the paper at your roots and it will soak your extra oil quickly.

9. Tic-Tac bobby pin container

Hair hacks

Bobby pins are bit small in size but very useful for our hair, right? But they get lost so easily and its quite hard to find it again. So you can use an empty Tic-Tac container to hold your pins. For the better look, decorate it with washi tape.

10. Spray bobby pins for becoming stronger

Hair hacks

Sometimes bobby pins slip away from your hair, right? And it’s quite tough to find it again & use it. You can spray your hairspray on it to make them more sticky and stronger.

12. Brush your hair before a shower

Hair hacks

Often the drains of our bathroom clogged by hair and tangled locks. To avoid this uncomfortable situation just brush your hair before the shower and easily throw away fallen hair.

13. Make your own sea salt spray

Hair hacks 

Take 20 oz. seltzer water and mixed a teaspoon sea salt in a spray bottle. Then apply it to hair and it will give a bit different texture on your hair.

14. Sleep in a satin pillowcase

Hair hacks

A satin pillowcase is smooth, silky & helpful for your hair. So if you choose a satin pillowcase for sleeping it will keep your hair in better position. Even if you have to sleep with a new hairstyle it will not be messed up.

15. Cover your hair with a scarf

Hair hacks

Try to cover your hair with a scarf while going outside to protect it from pollution and sun.

16. Use apple cider vinegar for natural hair dye

Hair hacks

Use apple cider vinegar with water to rinse your hair for long lasting natural hair dye. And try to apply the same hair dye once in a week to darken the color.


Hair is an important part of our body. And hope these hair hacks will help you to give some smart idea for the super quick hairstyle. Try these hair hacks and it is needless to say it will save your time and energy. If you get benefited by these tips please comment below. However, if you have a better suggestion and any question, you can also add it to the comment box.











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