Daily routines for effective hair care by home remedies


Effective hair careDoes your hair become dry, dull and frizzy day by day?

Want to make your hair shiny,  healthy and attractive as before?

Are you looking for some effective hair care tips?

For this, you have to make some changes in your food habits. And you also have to follow some rules of hair care.

Healthy diet for effective hair care

We all know that our hair is made of protein, right? So it’s very simple that you have to take enough protein for making healthy and strong hair. For that, you can add chicken, fish,  egg, nuts and dairy products in your food habit.

You have to drink lots of water and balanced diet fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin E, C, and iron. This healthy diet is the most effective hair care tips. Because what you put into your body definitely give you an effective result.

Daily routine of effective hair care

In your daily life, if you follow some rules to maintain your hair,  it will be easier for you to make your hair healthy.

Effective hair care

Gently wash your hair
Use your fingers to gently pull through hair from roots to tops, when you use shampoo or other products. Damaged hair is brittle and its need extra care. So whenever you wash your hair don’t scrub it.

Avoid frequently and excess use of shampoo
Don’t wash your hair every day with shampoo. Use shampoo as much as you need. Whenever you use shampoo to try to use conditioner at the end. Use always same brand shampoo and conditioner.

Use cold water for hair wash
Wash your hair with cold water. Try to skip the hot water. Because it will make your hair more dry and brittle.

Dry your hair with a soft towel
After wash, your hair gently squeezes out the water. Then pat it dry with soft towel. Don’t use a rough towel to dry your hair.

Dry your hair naturally
Avoid hair dryer to dry your hair. Let your hair to dry naturally, then it will be silky and shiny as before.

Brush your hair with proper technique
Don’t brush your wet hair. Because wet hair is three times weaker than dry hair. Try to use a comb instead of a brush. A wide-tooth comb is the best tool for hair. At first, brush your hair from the ends to remove the tangles. Then brush your hair gently from roots to ends.

Tie your hair softly
Don’t tie your hair too tightly and try to avoid using the band to prevent breakage of brittle and dull hair.

Trim your hair often
Trim your hair every 6 or 8 weeks. Cut about ¼ th an inch. For getting rid rough and brown broken ends of your hair.

Try to avoid chemical
Chemical straightening, bleaching, dying are harmful to healthy hair. For permanently change your hair texture or color, there is no good option. So try to avoid chemical products in your hair.  If you really want to do it, you can use natural dye –such as tea or henna.

Just follow these instructions for taking care of hair daily and definitely, you will be benefited soon.

Use home-made and natural remedies for effective hair care

Effective hair careYou can use a natural hair mask to make your hair healthy. Different type of hair mask for different problems of hair. Before washing your hair with the shampoo you can apply this hair mask for 10-15 minutes.

  • Use 1 tsp. white vinegar and 1 tsp water mixture for dull hair.
  • Use 2 tsp. honey for imbalanced hair.
  • For frizzy hair use 1 egg.
  • Use 2 tsp. milk or yogurt for dry hair.


If you follow these instructions of hair care, hope you will face no problems at all. Hair is an important element of our body, so we should be more careful about effective hair care tips.At the same time, shiny, silky and healthy hair definitely increase our beauty. So, before it gets thin,  frizzy, dull and dry we should aware of it. If you are interested in skin care habits and skin care foods you can read my another article.Effective hair care

If you get benefited by these tips please comment below.  However, if you have a better suggestion for effective hair care tips, you can also add it to the comment box.


    • For better result, you can apply this mixture twice in a week.And if you use it regularly you can realize the benefits within 2/3 months.


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