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Health and beauty

Health and beauty

Effective hair care

Daily routines for effective hair care by home remedies

Does your hair become dry, dull and frizzy day by day? Want to make your hair shiny,  healthy and attractive as before? Are you looking for some effective tips for taking care of hair? For this, you have to make some changes in your food habits. And you also have to follow some rules to keep your hair healthy. HEALTHY DIET FOR  TAKING CARE OF HAIR We all know that our hair is made of protein, right? So it's very simple that you have to take enough protein for making healthy and strong hair. For that, you can add chicken, fish,  egg, nuts and dairy products in your food habit. You have to drink lots of water and balanced diet fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin E, C, and iron. This healthy diet is the most effective hair treatment. Because what you put into your body definitely give you an effective result.
Natural ways to get shiny hair

10 Effective natural ways to get shiny hair

How long or short is your hair is not the fact, the fact is how healthy, shiny and beautiful your hair is. Your hair may be straight or curly but if it doesn’t shiny and silky it will give a negative effect on your look. Your hair can be dry...
skin care habits

10 Skin care habits for all types of skin

In our life, everyone knows some special person who has glowing skin. Whenever we meet them we just think how she maintains her glowing skin? What is the secret of her beautiful skin? What magical product did she use? The secret of her beauty is she must have some...
Best anti-aging foods

10 Best anti-aging foods your skin needs

Almost all of us want to look younger than we are, right? We can't control the shape of your face because by born we achieve it. But, what we can do? we can make our skin healthy fresh and younger. And for that, we have to maintain it regularly. We...
Foods for healthy hair

10 Amazing foods for healthy hair you should eat regularly

Everyone's desire is strong, healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. Because hair plays an important role in our personality. Hair can be damaged in many ways. But if we take the right foods for healthy hair in perfect time this damaged hair can be turned into healthy hair. For that, we have...
10 Summer skin care tips

10 Summer skin care tips you can try

Yes, summer is knocking on your door. Are you ready to welcome the summer? Is your skin ready, perfectly? We know that the temperature in summer comparatively high. The heat of the sun pretty harsh to our skin in this season. Dry skin gets patchy and oily skin gets oiler and rashes, pimples,...
Weight loss foods

10 Cheap and easy weight loss foods for smart dieters

Do you want to lose your weight? Looking for some weight loss foods? If the weight loss foods are cheap and easily available to the nearby your grocery store, you will be happier, right? Do you know the secrets of smart dieters? They do the same. They don't follow the trendy foods, that's the...
skin care foods

10 Types super skin care foods for all skins

Most of us eat foods for the taste of our tongue and for the satisfaction of mind. But food should be eaten for the betterment of our health. Because different types of foods contain various types of vitamins. And these various kinds of vitamins do several types of work...

7 Quick tips to remove under eye dark circle

Are you facing the problem of under eye dark circle? Determined to remove under eye dark circle? Looking for some easy tips remove under eye dark circle? Common reasons for under eye dark circle Before we know how to remove under eye dark circle, we need to know some common reasons for it. ...
Natural tips to prevent hair loss

10 Effective natural tips to prevent hair loss

Our hair gives us a distinct personality. It plays an important role in our looks. So we all want healthy and beautiful hair. Nowadays hair loss is a common problem for both men and women. There can be various reasons for hair loss. But it is not so hard to...