Genius health hacks to solve regular health issue


Every day is not equal. Sometimes we can pass our days easily without facing any problems. And sometimes we face bit problems to complete our daily works.

We have various types of problems in our daily life, right?

Basically, I will describe here some health hacks here that will solve your health issues.

Some problems are too little that we do not even give any importance to how can we solve it.

If you know some common health hacks, it is needless to say that these will make your life more comfortable and easier.

Genius health hacks for you

Where there is a problem, there is a solution too. Here I bring you some easy solutions for the common health issues. Just follow the health hacks and trust me you will find a magical result.

1. Improve your sleep

Health hacks

Can’t take a sound sleep at night? Do you know eating right food can improve your sound sleep? Before going to bed you can drink a glass of raw lemon juice or one spoon of honey as you prefer most. Try it and see the difference.

2. Kill the bacteria

Health hacks

Love to eat cashews? It has so many health benefits, right? And it also helps to protect us from the bacteria that causes tooth decay, tuberculosis, and acne. Follow these health hacks, eat regularly cashews and it will kill the bacteria.

3. Stop your itchy feeling

Health hacks

Have a sore throat? Uncomfortable feeling for a long time? If there are cucumbers in your house, just eat a piece of it. And instantly you will get a magical result. It will stop your itchy feeling and cool down your throat as well.

4. Destroy the reaction of the mosquito bite

Health hacks

Too much mosquito in your residential area? Can’t get rid of yourself from a mosquito bite? Whenever its bite, have a bad & uncomfortable itchy feeling. For this, you can press a hot spoon onto the area of the bite. It will destroy the reaction and stop the itchy feeling soon.

5. Get rid of stuffed nose

Health hacks

Often you catch a cold? Your nose stuffed? From getting rid of stuffed nose you can try this simple tricks. Just push a finger between your eyebrows and push your tongue against the top of your mouth. You have to hold it for half minutes and you will find your nose is clear.

6. A cure for the burnt tongue

Healthy hacks

Unfortunately, you burnt your tongue? Such a dismal feeling. Just put some sugar on that area. It will cure the burnt.

7. Get rid of hiccups

Feeling uncomfortable for unexpected hiccups? Just stick your fingers in your ears for few moments and you will see the result. Your hiccups are gone.

8. Feel active after getting up in the morning

Healthy hacks

Do you know that why you feel tired even after a good sound sleep at whole night? Maybe you are dehydrated. For this, whenever you get up in the morning drink some water or liquids as you prefer most.

9. Improve your mood

Healthy hacks

Feeling blue? Do you know some of the foods can improve your mood? Oatmeal, cereal, salmon, dark chocolate, salmon or bananas – eat one of them and it will surely make you happier.

10. Magic eraser for minor burns

Health hacks

Unfortunately, burn yourself on something? All you have to do, apply yellow mustard on the affected area. After that rinse it with cold water and it will erase your burns soon.

11. Weight loss tips

Health hacks

Are you worried about your over-weight? Do you know the perfect timing of eating food will help you to lose weight? Just don’t eat anything 4 hours before going to bed. Continue this and soon you will see the result.

12.  The proper way to take medicine

Health hacks

When you become too sick to take medicine you can follow the simple but effective health hacks. When you need to take tablets just up your chin and when it’s time to take capsules, just down your chin. Do you know why you have to do this? Because capsules float and tablets sink. And don’t take your medicine with cold water. Because in cold water the medicine takes more time to mix with blood.

13. Stop a cough permanently

Health hacks

Catch a cold? Cant sleep properly at night for a cough? There are genius health hacks for you. Just apply Vick’s Vapo-rub on your feet and massage them well. After that wear socks. Within few minutes you will find the magical result. And surely it will stop your cough.

14. Get rid of chapped lips

Health hacks

Often your lips are chapped? Want to get rid of this quickly? There is an easy tip for this problems. Take a soaked green tea bag and put it on your chapped lips for few minutes. And your problem will be solved.

15. Whiter teeth

Health hacks

Want to make your teeth from now? Take a banana peel and gently rub the inside of the peel around your teeth maximum 2 minutes. The mineral of the peel will absorb into teeth and they will help your teeth whiten.

16. Sleeping position

health hacks

Do you know sleeping position can help you to improve your sleep? Sleeping on your right side will help you fall asleep faster and good for your health.

17. Orange for stress relieves

Health hacks

Orange is a fruit that is not only good for your health. It also helps to improve your mood. The smell of an orange can relieve your stress or if you eat an orange it can also reduce your stress by 70%.

18. Pineapple juice to stop coughing

Health hacks

Pineapple juice is more effective to stop your coughing than any cough syrup. Pineapple contains Bromelain, which fights against the infection and kills the bacteria.

19. Relieve from nauseous

health hacks

Sometimes we have to feel some uncomfortable feeling. Feeling nauseous is one of them, right? Want to get rid of this feeling quickly? Just smell the rubbing alcohol and it will relieve you instantly.

20. Take vitamin B complex during the summer

Healthy hacks

Mosquitos, biting flies are spread during the summer season, right? If you want to get rid of them, there is a smart tip for you. Take vitamin B complex regularly in that season. Because at that time the insects don’t like your body smell.

21. Get rid of a migraine headache

healthy hacks

Do you have a migraine headache? There is a simple solution for you. Take ice cold water in a bowl. Soak your both hands in it as long as you can. When they are in water close and open them into handful constantly. You can also take grape juice to relieve a headache.

22. Relieve from painful gas

Healthy hacks

When you face the pain of gas in your tummy, then quickly lay down on your back and lift your left knee near to the chest and you will fart it out.

23. Eat an apple for stay awake

Health hacks

An apple has glucose (sugar), which will give you energy quickly. Eating glucose contain fruit is a smart method to stay awake. And certainly healthier than taking coffee. So if you want to stay awake you can eat an apple instead of coffee.

24. Stop vomit

health hacks

Vomit is very uncomfortable feeling, right? if you feel like that, start humming. And it is quite impossible to vomit when you humming.


Health is our wealth. Here I describe some common health hacks which will help you to solve some small but common health issues. If you get benefited by these tips please comment below. However, if you have a better suggestion and any question, you can also add it to the comment box.













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