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Natural ways to get rid of ants

20 Effective & natural ways to get rid of ants in home

Ants are small in size. But these little ants can create a huge difference. Because they live in a group and wherever they go, they always maintain their community. And when these little ants enter in our house they make our daily life miserable. Ants can make damage to our furniture,...
Bathroom cleaning tips

13 Bathroom cleaning tips by home remedies

A bathroom is a place where we have to go several times in a day to clean and fresh ourselves, right? So if we want to stay hygiene it is essential that our bathroom should be neat and clean. Is it your turn to clean your bathroom? Have to clean cloudy mirror...
Natural ways to kill roaches

10 Natural ways to kill roaches in home

Irritated by roaches? Often roaches are roaming here and there in your house? Looking for some effective ways to kill them and still worried about your kids & pets? Well, if you have pets or kids in your house, then you have to take a bit different effort to kill insects...