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Bit worried about your nails?

Want to make your nails more healthy and attractive?

Looking for some easy and effective nail hacks?

Then, my dear beautiful and stylish ladies, you are in the perfect place!

Here I will describe some of the best and effective nail care tips and tricks that will save your time, money and energy.

Awesome nail hacks for you

Self-care is essential for everyone to lead a healthy life. Like every part of our body, we should take care of our nail also. If you don’t clean your nails regularly you may face bowels diseases.
People who love their nails, they will not be satisfied by only cleaning nails. They want healthy, stylish and attractive nails too. Stay with me. Read these nail hacks, apply these and surely you will be amazed.

1. Make your nails stronger

Nail hacks

Put some water and an equal amount of apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Soak your unhealthy nails in this mixture for 5-10 minutes. Do this daily once. And after continuing these process for a month you can see the magical result. Your nail will be stronger. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron that is helpful for nail health. Its acidic nature also prevents your nail from fungus.

2. Wear gloves while cleaning anything

Nail hacks

We are the women love our nails and at the same time, we have to clean our house with the elements that are harmful to our hand and nail. From dishwashing to bathroom cleaning, is a part of our daily duties. Why not wear latex or rubber gloves while cleaning?  It will keep your manicure perfect. Get into the habit of wearing gloves and no more nail destruction.

3. Moisturize your cuticles

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For looking healthy and attractive nails it is essential to moisturize our nails. As usual, I prefer natural remedies for taking care of skin. First, you have to soak your fingers in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Then rub lukewarm mixture of lotion ( 3 tsp.) and olive oil ( 1 tsp.) on your nail beds & cuticles and put gloves overnight. Do this once in a week for soft and moisturized cuticles.

4. Make natural and perfect scrub for your hand

Nail hacks

The skin of our whole body is not equal, right? So what we use for scrubbing our face is not perfect scrub for our hands. If your hands often have a lot of dead skin, then it is necessary to scrub your hands. You can take honey and sugar ( each of them 2 tsp.) & mixed them well and add olive oil (1/2 tsp.)with them. Use the mixture for scrubbing your hand and definitely you will be amazed.

5. Quickly mend your nails

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Unfortunately broke your nails? Don’t bite or rip off your nails. There is a painless solution to repair your broken nails. Place a teabag piece over the break and add some nail glue and let them dry. After that, smooth the surface by a nail file.

6. Use tooth whitener for removing nail polish stain

Nail hacks

When it is time to remove nail polish with a remover, after removing it – you will notice an orange or pink tingle on your nails. It looks so odd, right? For removing this take an unused toothbrush and apply tooth whitener on it. Then just brush your nails with it and you will get your previous beautiful nails.

7. Make nail polish remover

Nail hacks

If it’s time to put off your nail polish & you find that nail polish remover is finished. No more worries. You can make it at home. Just mix rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and lemon juice together and the mixture is perfect alternative nail polish remover.

8. Make your nail polish last longer

Nail hacks

Want your nail polish last longer in your nail? Wipe your nails with vinegar before painting it by nail polish. Vinegar will remove the oil of your nails and help your nail colors to stay longer.

9. Use nail polish thinner to reuse old nail polish

Nail hacks

After a long time found your old favorite nail polish? Is the liquid bit stiff? Put some nail polish thinner on the bottle and it will be perfect for use. Apply nail hacks and make life easier.

10. Use ice water to quickly dry your nail polish

Nail hacks

Are you in hurry to quickly dry your nail polish? Dip your painted nails in ice cool water for a few seconds and your job is done! This is the quickest tips ever for dry your nail polish.

11. Use Vaseline to get rid of painting mistake

Nail hacks

Vaseline creates a barrier between your skin and nails. You can put vaseline outside of your nails for avoiding the unexpected painting mistake. When your painting is done just wipe off the vaseline and remove mistakes with it.

12. Create your favorite matte polish at home

Nail hacks

Its quite expensive to buy matte nail polish, right? Just add some cornstarch with your favorite nail polish and your matte color is ready. This is one of the awesome nails tips from all the nail hacks.

13. Make your glittery nail polish easily

Nail hacks

You can make your glittery nail polish easily at your home. Just give a coat of your favorite nail polish and before it dries dip them into loose glitters. And don’t put another coat over the glitters before dry, if you do so glitters can easily clump.

14. Apply school glue to remove your nail polish

Nail hacks

Sometimes it’s quite tough to remove your nail polish and when you use glitters it can be stubborn. To avoid this, you can apply school glue in your nail before coat your nail with nail polish.

15. Prevent nail polish from chipping

Nail hacks

If you work a lot with your hand then your nails can be easily chip. To avoid this uncomfortable situation you can paint double basecoats in your nails. First, paint one layer top half of your nail and wait for it to dry. After that paint second coat in your entire nail. Try this nail hack and it is needless to say, you will be amazed.

16. Use cooking spray to prevent smudging

Nail hacks

When your nails look gross, you can use cooking spray to set your nail polish and prevent your nail polish from smudging. Apply nail hacks and stay happy.

17. Use bobby pins for polka dots

Nail hacks

Often there are lots of unused bobby pins are laying here and there in your dressing room. Why not you use them for designing your nail? Use the bobby pins head to design for polka design.

18. Use scotch tape for awesome design

Nail hacks

Make your design extraordinary by using scotch tape. Just use your creativity with the help of scotch tape. It’s so easy and awesome indeed.

19. Make half moon nail art

Nail hacks

Take some paper hole reinforcement stickers and seal them in your preferable place of nails. Paint your color outside of the stickers. At least paint two coats on each nail. Take time to let them dry and after that remove the stickers. See the magic.

20. The easiest way to make your favorite design

Nail hacks

If your nail art design is a bit tough to paint in your nail, you can paint them in a plastic bag first. For that, in the beginning, paint a thick coat of nail polish on a plastic bag. After it dry, add your design on it. Then peel off each design from it and apply them in your nails with nail art glue.


Different people have various choices. This article is especially for nail lovers. Basically, I gather some easy, exclusive and effective nails hacks which will not only help you to take care of your nails perfectly but also help you to make your nails more attractive and stylish too. Hope you enjoy my post. If you have any better tips and suggestions you can write down below in comment box.





















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