13 Tips to remove tough stains from clothes


Are you looking for some quick tips how to remove tough stains from your cloth?
Your favorite garment gets dirty and you cannot remove the tough stain?
You don’t know the perfect techniques to remove the stain?
Want to remove the stains quickly and easily?
Facing all these problems I make some solutions. I get some quick and easy tips to remove tough stains from clothes. And I brings all the tips together for you. Following these tips you can remove stains from your cloth quickly with your home remedies.
Here I will give you the guideline about how to remove some common tough stains-like ink, blood, grass, juice, coffee, tea, sauce, sweat and many more.

Tips for how to remove tough stains from clothes

Here are the simple tricks and tips for how to remove tough stains from your clothes. For your easy to understand I separate the stains.

1.  Sauce Stainssauce stains

It is the most common stain on our cloth. Usually, kids make dirty their cloth with sauce. It may be a barbecue, ketchup or hot sauce. At first, you have to rinse your cloth with cold water to remove the excess sauce. Then fulfill the sauce stain with white vinegar and soak it. Then wash it in regular method. It will quickly remove tough stains from clothes.

coffee stains2. Tea/coffee Stains

To remove tea or coffee stain from your garment, use 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water mixture. Soak the affected fabric with the mixture and hang the dress for dry. Rub the stain with something else (sponge) until the stain disappears. As an alternative solution, you may use baking soda. Thus you can remove tough stains from clothes.

3. Sweat Stainssweat stain

For removing sweat stains you need salt and white vinegar. Pour the white vinegar over the affected area and rub it with salt. Then hang your garment outside for dry in the sun. After drying wash it normally.

4. Grass Stains

grass stainIf your cloth gets dirty with grass strain be careful about using water. Don’t use hot water to remove it. By using hot water it will make the stain harder. To remove the grass stain first soak it into the solution of vinegar and cool water. Then wash it. If the stain still doesn’t disappear you can use the paste of baking soda and vinegar. To coat the stain you can use a toothbrush. Then the tough stain will remove easily. After that just wash it.

5. Mud Stainsmud stain

Allow your mud stains to be dry. When the stain dries just brush it to remove as much as you can. Then soak it in warm water with the mixture of white vinegar and liquid dish detergent. Soak it minimum 10 minutes. Then rinse it. If the stain doesn’t disappear completely you can use alcohol for rubbing. Rub it with a sponge. After that just rinse it with cold water and wash it.

6. Fruit and juice Stains

fruit stainIf your favorite garments get dirty by fruit or fruit juice, make sure that don’t use soap or natural soap contain detergents. Soak the cloth in warm water with enzyme detergent. Then rinse it with cool water. If all the sugar stains do not disappear, when you will dry the cloth a brown stain will appear. For that, you can use white vinegar in water and set it for few minutes. Then just rinse it. After that, it will remove tough stains from clothes.

7. Grease/oil Stainsoil stain

Cover the grease or oil stain with absorbent powder. Like the baby powder, baking soda, salt or cornstarch. Then sit it for few minutes. Then brush it.Otherwise, you can use dish-washing soap to the stain and allow to set it in the same way. Then wash it with enzyme detergent. And you can quickly remove tough stains from clothes.

8. Ink Stains

ink stainFor removing the ink stain you can spray your hairspray. After that soak the area with vinegar. Then rub the area with a sponge. Then just rinse it and wash it. You can also use milk to remove the stain. For that, you have to soak the affected area with milk overnight. In the morning just do the regular wash. Thus you can easily remove tough stains from clothes.

blood stain9. Blood Stains

Soak your garment in cold water and then gently rub the stain with sponge or brush. You can use stain remover or hydrogen peroxide or salt in the stain. Allow to sit it for few minutes. And then just wash it. Thus you can quickly remove tough stains from clothes.

remove tough stain from cloth10. Chewing gum and glue Stains

For chewing gum stain you can use ice cubes in it. When the gum gets harder you can easily lift it off and your stain will remove completely.If you want to remove water-based glues you have to use liquid dishwashing.Just wash the cloth with it and see the result. These are quick tips on how to remove stains.

11. Rust Stainsrust stain

Soak a cotton ball in vinegar to remove the rust stain. Cover the stain with salt and just rub it into vinegar. After that lay the garment outside for direct sunlight to dry. When the stain has faded just wash it.

12. Crayon Stains

crayon stainFor removing the crayon stain you can use liquid dish-washing soap with warm water. If the crayon marks didn’t disappear you can use lubricant spray in that affected area. Let the spray sit for five minutes. Then rinse them well and wash it.

13. Turmeric Stainsturmeric stain

If your garment has a turmeric stain try to avoid hot water. It will make your stain harder. You can soak your garment in liquid Surf exel detergent. Soak it for 20 minutes. Then rinse the affected area. If the stain doesn’t remove you can use white vinegar or lemon juice in the affected area. Soak it for 30 minutes. Rub the stain with paper towel. Then just rinse it and wash it. Sunlight can be also used for removing turmeric stain.


We have to use different methods for various stains. You have to be careful about using hot, warm or cool water for removing the stains. From now on we know the quick tips for how to remove tough stains from clothes. For removing the stain you can use not only the detergent but also various home remedies. You can also get some easy tips about cleaning clothes and smell your house better by reading my another article.

If you have some suggestion how to remove tough stains from clothes just comment below.  I am looking forward to it.